Tryb Samolot

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10 Responses to “Tryb Samolot”

  1. Agniecha says:

    Bardzo mi się podoba!
    Każde zdjęcie!
    …nocne najbardziej;)

  2. qbanez says:

    Mi też się każde podoba! Czzzzzzaaaaaaaad!! :)

  3. Super klimat, jak zawsze :)

  4. kate says:

    To są bardzo emocjonalne i emocjonujące fotografie. Niesamowite.

  5. Adem says:

    veronika krol – wow bro ..these shots are great ..absolutely stunning .all of them .there is not one photo that is not woenurfdl ..good job bro .keep it up

  6. Yusuf says:

    My wife and I have been very blessed in our lives. We have also lived tghruoh very tight times ( I. E., blood donations.) We have always felt the love if others. Many times, we picked up the bill for another at a resturant. Other times we paid for another’s groceries. Another time we put together a baby shower for a lady we never met who left an abusive home. Instead of money, we gave a man in the rain a sleeping bag, a coat, and accessories along with a gift card for a meal at Denny’s. When my wife ad I ran into financial issues, we were blessed by people who remained anonymous with a $500 gift card twice. We always asked why. We had a very hard time accepting. Why us? LovePay it forward It will come back when needed

  7. Well, I am quite divided on the issue. On one hand, I am a Southern African-American born and raised, and there is still some deeply-felt hostility against those who would rub a symbol of my ancestors’ oppression and degradation in my face.On the other hand, I like not having my neck stretched.It is a conundrum.Still, I have to agree, if the South had seceded, things might have ended up somewhat better off. Then again, I wouldn’t have access to Chick-Fil-A sandwiches, which is about the only thing (that, and no money) that keeps me down here in Georgia.The only folks that would be offended by this are the ones that know they deserve it.

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